State of the Paroxysms

Update</strong>: I’m not going to be pulling the plug on the blog, but there will be many changes. I will start on trying to make more searchable, and there may be some breakages in the interim to make the site better. I’m still not happy with the site as is, and I think certain aspects can be improved.

Today is a day that I never thought would come. At the end of August, I will be pulling the plug on in its current form and I will be working on making it a searchable documents archive only. While wordpress is good for a blog, it’s not good for document discoverability, and the main draw of paroxysms is the documents.

This means that all the links will break on Vancouver Media Coop. That being said, since the 403 will re-direct to the page containing all the documents, I don’t consider this an absolutely terrible thing. The main reason that I’m doing this is because this site is getting super crusty and I need to do a full remake of the site so that it’s cheaper and more efficient to run.

I will also be pulling the plug on I haven’t updated profunc in years, and will redirect to a section on I plan to have these changes done by September at the very latest.