C-30 off the table, C-55 is on the table

I haven’t had a lot of time to do much of anything recently, but I did find this CBC story</a>, and the attached bill, and after reading the comments, C-55 scares me a LOT more than C-30, and here is why:

The new bill, C-55, changes the criminal code after the Supreme Court of Canada struck down the emergency warrantless wiretapping bill. Now, the new bill in the CBC story says that in an emergency, the police can get a warrantless wiretap in place and intercept the communications of someone in the event of a hostage situation or a kidnapping. In reality, this law can also be used to intercept messages before a mass action such as a protest against a pipeline or a protest at a major international event such as the Olympics or the G20.

Furthermore, it states that the person who was wiretapped must be notified 90 days after the fact that they were wiretapped, except in the case that they have an open investigation against them, where instead it has to stay hidden for three years. This basically means that if there was a protest happening, and if the RCMP were to spy on someone on the day before the protest, they can then do that and sit on this for three years. This is a pretty serious pile of bullshit, and I think C-55 needs to be stopped because just about anything could be considered an emergency by people who run the Joint Intelligence Groups at the RCMP.

Honestly, this bill isn’t good, and it needs to be killed. I don’t think that this will get the same reaction as C-30 mostly because of what people understand as an “emergency”. That being said, it’s much shorter and clear cut than C-30 with the bullshit about the inspectors and mandated backdoors. At least this one is JUST spying.