Why I keep logs

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It's no secret that I block the RCMP and CSIS based on IP range.  While CSIS seems to be mostly interested in what I think of their recruitment video, the RCMP on the other hand are interested in general information, including how to develop a Joint Intelligence Group.  It seems that someone from the RCMP were researching this, and one of the old Spartacus Books surveillance PDFs were indexed.

It appears that someone at the RCMP is looking to spin up a JIG to investigate a group.  I don't know which group would be investigated but I have a couple of ideas, and given the past investigations for First Nations groups, Anti-Olympic Activists, Anarchists and Anti-Capitalists against the G20, we're going to be seeing some visits by the RCMP to various targeted activists very soon.

Here is my main advice to those targeted:

1. Don't talk to the police: If you're not being arrested, or detained at your home, you do not have to talk to the police.  You can shut the door on them and wait for them to leave.  However, before you do that, get their business card.  This will be useful later for the next legal steps to take.
2. Find others who are targeted: Chances are that they will be targeting your comrades as well.  Meet in a private place and only limit the visits to those who can produce a business card.  The reason for this is because police informants have also claimed to be visited, and while they can obtain business cards, this is one extra detail that they may forget.
3. Find a lawyer to represent your group: While lawyers don't have the same goals as those seeking to smash the state, you may find someone who believes that the Charter of Rights and Freedoms actually means something like someone in the BCCLA or CCLA.  Don't trust them to defend you if you do something they don't approve of, BUT they are bound by Lawyer/Client privilege, and you can get them to write a letter directing the harassing officers that you will only communicate with them through your lawyer.
4. Hold a press conference: The one thing that the surveillance state hates is exposure, and given the fact that you have the names of the officers who came to do the questioning, you can now name and shame the officers, the JIG and the RCMP, and the public pressure can temporarily hinder their investigations.  This obviously isn't flawless, but this actually did work during the lead up to the Olympics, and it was only when the JIG got desperate right before the games that the V2010ISU-JIG visits started again.

The fact is that the police visits are just as much about intimidation as they are about information gathering.  The police will say things like "I know what you're planning", "You're going to ruin your career" or "What will happen when your boss finds out about this?".  Ignore them, since they're going off of Open Source intelligence that was gathered from your personal or professional profile.  The fact is that due to the current surveillance state, they know you just as well as your boss or some of your friends.  Don't let them use that knowledge to get under your skin.  Stay calm, say nothing, and talk to your lawyer after the visit.

BTW: Keep your lawyer on a need-to-know basis as well.  There are certain things that your lawyer doesn't need to know if they already made the decision not to defend or support you in certain circumstances.  This is important so that you're not fucked over when the shit hits the fan.  That being said, I would recommend taking advantage of Lawyer/Client privilege, since this gives you valuable information safely that you can't get from Google.