Toronto Media Coop's latest release: RCMP's Orientation Guide for National Security Investigations

Tim Groves is one of the best investigative journalists in Canada when it comes to uncovering what the RCMP did at the G8/G20, National Security and how it can be used against activists and others. Recently, he’s been doing research for the new book Infrastructure Critical by Alessandra Renzi & Greg Elmer</a> and uncovered this document. He’s since posted the document on the Toronto Media Coop website</a>, and since I have nothing of my own to write about yet (CSEC is still withholding docs, as is the RCMP and CSIS), I at least have some new material that I can use to write up some new, more precise ATIPs.

The document itself is pretty basic, has a lot of the current RCMP Commissioner in it back when he was the assistant commissioner. It has some of the most basic things, like a map of RCMP HQ, and where to get snacks after going to the gym. What it also has is information on how National Security Criminal Investigations are conducted and how the National Security Criminal Operations Branch is organized. This is important, since as an outsider, I would have no idea where certain things are located.

Overall, I recommend checking this document out, since it’s an excellent starting point to seeing what’s going on with E-INSET and K-INSET in relation to the tar sands and their plans to suppress any direct opposition and disruption of the pipeline plans.