Off-Topic: Using FOI for Hot Springs

Recently, I’ve been going outdoors more, namely to hot springs up in Pemberton. However, a while ago I was bored and I looked at Wikipedia and I saw that there was a Hot Spring way closer to home that was undeveloped</a>. However, it doesn’t seem like this hot spring actually exists.

After a feeble and failed attempt at driving up a sketchy forest road in my car</a>, I decided that I would do more research. After reading through the document linked on Wikipedia and reading the book “Hot Springs of Western Canada” by Glenn Woodsworth</a>, I saw that the Hot Springs at Shovelnose and Turbid Creek in the Squamish Valley were apparently worthless, since they are hard to get to and also had only a trickle and nothing that you could soak in. I don’t know if this is true, but it seems to be based on what the Soakers Forum says. The book mentions rumours of Hot Springs west of Cayley but says they’re well hidden.

The fact is that whoever found the Brandywine Hot Sprins must have recorded their GPS coordinates and that in theory it should be possible to at least map that and see if it’s feasible at all to actually go to these hot springs and see if they exist. Therfore, I decided to use FIPPA to obtain information from the BC Govt. about any geolocal surveys that were done in the area and to see if they have any information on the books. It’s a long shot, but it’d be interesting to see if FOI could be used to locate a lost hot spring, although if it’s anything like Turbid or Shovelnose, it’s probably hardly worth it. Still, it’s an FOI request, therefore, it’s probably worth posting here, even if it’s nothing to do with the cops and the surveillance state.

Update</strong>: Now with links to sources!!!!