Random docs from the G8/G20ISU-JIG courtesy of CBSA

Recently I received this document from the CBSA which includes some of the docs from ITAC, as well as docs from the V2010ISU-JIG and intelligence documents from other agencies. This document is rather disorganized, but shows that the CBSA was dealing with people from the US coming up for work, including busses which were apparently supposed to shuttle people to and from the Huntsville site. In addition to this, there’s intelligence bulletins about Southern Ontario Anarchist Resistance Spokescouncil meetings, as well as summaries regarding SOAR with information on their Twitter and Facebook groups.

I’m tempted to try and get a colour version of this, since thy have a calendar of events that colour coded indicating how they got their intelligence.

One thing that stans out is the intelligence on the convergence space. This space was called the Renegade space, and this space was considered by the G8/G20ISU-JIG a “Hub for criminal activity” and they include accusations of Cruelty to Animals, as well as Death Threats. The person who coordinated the space as the convergence space was targeted by the G8/G20ISU. Based on the report which mentions that Illogic set up the sound system at space, this shows that the space was under surveillance the entire time. What was funny was the part where the Police Camera gets tape put over it.

This document shows the political targeting of various activists because of the fact that they’re Anarchists, and that as far as the G8/G20ISU-JIG was concerned, that all Anarchists are violent. While this document doesn’t really expose many new things about surveillance state, I did enjoy hearing about the camera. Next time, I would have recommended simply removing the camera.