The remaining Intelligence Reports of the Vancouver 2010 Integrated Security Unit - Joint Intelligence Group

We’re no stranger to these intelligence reports, including reports that discuss how I’m a threat. However, we seem to have an explanation as to why I have more data now than what I did last year from the very same reports. It seems that there was a two year exemption imposed on all these materials prior to their release by the V2010ISU-JIG. The early reports are pretty modest, they have no cover pages, and they generally talk about what had occurred at that time. However, as we can see, as the state surveillance intensified, so did the quality of the reporting, eventually leading to professionally done full-colour reports which included details on myself other activists.

The main question that I ask myself over and over again is how I managed to get up there on the list of people profiled. I’ve never been arrested for anything, and to this day I haven’t been at any large demonstration outside of BC. I believe it was the fact that I go to hacker cons and teach people how to use encryption. The thing is that there were more outspoken members of ORN, and the RCMP really singled me out because I was keen on volunteering at a bookstore.

At this point, there’s not much new that can be gleaned from these documents, other than the fact that the profiling of First Nations groups such as the Native Youth Movement and others started back in 2007, and that the actions of the Anti-Poverty Committee set the stage for the RCMP vs. Anarchist showdown that never really happened. There are some myths here, such as the fact that the JIG claims that it worked with the Community Relations Group to ensure that protest could happen, even though their main efforts were to crush dissent through intimidation, and threats of violence at the border and elsewhere.

I believe that this is the last request that I sent to the RCMP regarding the V2010ISU-JIG. There is one about the Native Youth Movement that I sent as well in connection with the Aboriginal JIG, but that is apparently so huge that it may never see the light of day, and I expect there to be duplicate information between that and the V2010ISU-JIG material, given the forces involved.

As usual, here are the documents. I believe that this will probably be the last time that I talk about the V2010ISU-JIG documents, and hopefully we can move on to more modern, and as such more interesting facts.