Despite the lack of data, I'm still busy

OK, here it is.

This site was a project that I took on in November 2010 to try and get closure on the fact that I was spied on by the RCMP and CSIS. That was the original intent of the site. Since I got the files, I decided to dig further and see just how fucked the whole security and spying apparatus was. The thing is that this blog sucked up the majority of my spare time that would have been used to work on other projects. I still plan on running this site and I still plan on doing ATIP, but I have to scale back. Today was the first day that I had to abandon an RCMP ATIP request due to lack of time.

The RCMP ATIP Request was for the G8 Kananaskis After Action Report, which was massive and was next to impossible to dive into. The main reason that I had trouble is that my resources are limited, and I don’t know many people who were on the ground in Calgary when this went down. Furthermore, the age of this file makes it harder to request, because most people wish to move forward. (Hell, dealing with the G20 and the Olympics is bad enough, and that was just two years ago). In short, I dropped the ball on this.

So, if people want to take on the task of going through this ISU AAR, the file is A-2012-00230 and you can send an e-mail to the RCMP asking for the documents. I’ll post what I have here today if I still have it, but it’s literally a giant wall of text that I haven’t had time to go through. I apologize for this, but I’m not an academic or a journalist, I’m just an independent activist who does this stuff in his basement suite on his spare time.

If you need more info, please ask for it in the comments!