The activities of the Activist/Protester Liason Unit of the Vancouver 2010 Integrated Security Unit

Most of the time, when we talk about the RCMP activities during the Olympics, we refer to the Joint Intelligence Groups, spun off of the Special O units, and are the clear antagonists prior to the days of the protest. However, there was another group that wasn’t meant to be as sinister as the JIG. I’m not saying that these people wouldn’t have been happy to see us all locked up in cells, and that they didn’t participate in the Activist == Terrorist mantra that is standard operation of the RCMP, but they were supposed to a sign that the V2010ISU was working in good faith. (Yes, I thought that last sentence was funny as well.)

What we do see is that there was a TON of communication between the RCMP and the BC Civil Liberties Association, as well as with the Pivot Legal Society, in fact a lot more than what the BCCLA was initially suggesting. It also seems that the APLU was responsible for setting up the non-existant Free Speech Zones to corral protesters in.

The primary group that the APLU was meeting with was Am Johal and the Impact on Communities Coalition, which was by far the most moderate critic of the games, if you can really call them a critic at all. It seems that the main police collaborators during the lead up were IOCC and the BCCLA if you believe everything that is in this report. The ill-fated Nov 26th “Community Consultation” is on here as well, which is the same date that many of the people opposing the olympics were added to the BC PRIME database as criminal suspects.

The last report ended on December of 2009, which basically suggests that the ALPU gave up due to the efforts of the ORN to make sure that nobody talked to the police. I think the main benefit of this document is to show which groups back then collaborated with the police, and which groups decided to not cooperate, and shows the critical importance of not trusting groups who do.

As usual, the file is below.