FetLife, Jim Brown, Re-Sergence Alliance and the BCCLA

When I first heard about the Re-Sergence Alliance, I was hoping to hear about RCMP officers not reporting on others and saying that cops stole shit, or actually did beat up persons of colour, or you know, something of actual interest. You know, something that actually matters. Instead, when I realized that the Resergence Alliance only successful leak was the Jim Brown affair that caused the Vancouver Kink Community to get super paranoid and discuss things like using GPG for a web of trust, I’m now thinking that this is really getting stupid.

Apparently while I was out on the Playa, it got a lot worse. The person who helped blow the whistle on Cpl Brown is now being targeted by the RCMP</a>, and the BCCLA, who received the materials are worried about the political repercussions. While I disagree with the BCCLA stooping so low, and while I personally think this person is a lowlife, I do think that the RCMP’s response is equally as disgraceful.

After this, it’s clear that I have a rather low opinion of the Re-Sergeance Alliance, since they’ve so far only proved to be part of the RCMP’s problems. If the RCMP brass were trying to bury Cpl Brown’s photos, that’s understandable since they would hate to see the RCMP Code of Conduct in court tested against the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. That being said, this defamatory libel section could easily be used against this blog or RCMPWatch. We’ve covered the use of social media by the RCMP on this blog in the past, but the recent memo sent to the RCMP banning them from social media is extremely interesting.

Now, if there was actual REAL wrongdoing by the RCMP, and not just minor hiding of a single member’s photos, I’m sure that news organizations would love to find it, but this whole Cpl Brown thing needs to die. It’s already caused enough damage for what it is, and this is just getting really stupid. Seriously, the cure for trampling one’s rights is not to trample on the rights of others, even if they are people without any integrity.