Complaints against the RCMP, namely the lack of them

Officially, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police have an oversight body that handles the complaints. This is the Commission for Public Complaints against the RCMP. They process complaints sent in from the public and in theory they handle them and if they find wrongdoing, they present their findings. While the CPC claims they are independent, the investigations into the RCMP conduct are done by THE RCMP. Overall, the complaints process is extremely flawed and a waste of time, since there’s no sign of accountability. As far as I know, there’s no “We will fire the officer” or anything like that.

Anyway, given the fact that activists have been spied on by the V2010ISU-JIG and the G8/G20ISU-JIG, I decided to request information on the complaints related to the surveillance activities, which the CPC claimed they had no problem with. I asked for all complaints over the past five years related to this, and I got nothing related to the V2010ISU-JIG, because nobody bothered to make a complaint most likely.

What I did find was that someone complained about an undercover RCMP officer who was undercover as a Security Guard at the University of New Brunswick who keeps taking down the “No RCMP recruiting on campus” posters. There’s also the infamous Montebello complaint, and it clears the RCMP and puts the blame on the SQ. There’s NOTHING about the JIG whatsoever. I’m going to have to clarify what is going on, but it seems that the CPC sent me random documents instead of what I asked for.

Anyway, here’s the documents. Perhaps something can be grepped by the Canadian Civil Liberties Association’s letter, but I honestly doubt it.