CSEC WikiLeaks Cablegate E-mails

Over the past year, I’ve been collecting various Canadian agencies responses to the WikiLeaks Cablegate documents, and finding information on the DFAIT led Wikileaks Task Force. This information has already exposed the western bias of the Canadian Government, and it exposed the involvement of CSIS and the Canadian Military. However, I also requested the information from CSEC, which is the Communications Security Establishment of Canada. They are the Canadian NSA, more or less, and they are the ones who intercept communications. We recently got their manuals for protecting the privacy of Canadians</a> and it more or less said that they switch hats from CSEC to CSIS when they spy on Canadian targets.

Now, with these documents, we see memos to the Minister of National Defence, who at this time is Peter MacKay. We can’t see what the information suggests to CSEC, because that is redacted, but the memos talk about how CSEC is proactive. They also discuss how they believe that Wikileaks itself has been compromised and that this belief is the reason why the Canadian Govt. isn’t allowed to go to it.

Apparently, the CBSA were also involved with the WikiLeaks task force, and an e-mail from Novemeber 29, 2010 with the contact list shows it. We also have a redacted version of the “WIKILEAKS II ITS COORDINATED RESPONSE PLAN”. This implies that there was a prior coordinated response plan.

That’s all I was really able to grep from this on the surface. Of course, I’ve been delayed both with Toorcamp, and with being a parent, but also with the fact that mail has been slow and the ATIP responses have been slowing down over the summer. As usual, here’s the file:

csec_wikileaks.pdf</a> - 14 MB - SHA1SUM: 689c37519ed8892ce8d360a269699a669296b053