George W. Bush in Surrey: The ATIP

I did an ATIP on the protective detail that was assigned Bill Clinton and George W Bush, as well as any intelligence gathering that may have happened on the protest groups that were going to take to the streets in Surrey. One thing I did find out is that Bill Clinton and George W. Bush are now both in PRIME, the BC RCMP’s database, which 80% of the people in the province are currently in. Apparently there was an intelligence estimate of about 1000 protests in Surrey, which of course failed to materialize because it’s Surrey.

What’s interesting is how the RCMP gathered a list of all the offences they could use against the protesters. These included Noise Bylaws which Surrey has but luckily Port Moody doesn’t have. They really only list two parts of the criminal code as well, which is interesting, since I would have expected the Motor Vehicles Act to be on that list.

Later in the file is a letter from Lawyers Against The War, which is rather boring. There is also information about how the RCMP successfully contained the protesters within the “designated protest zone”, which is not a good thing in my opinion. What is interesting is that the far more successful protest against Cheney was mentioned with its PROS file number.

Overall, this is a rather boring release, for what was a rather uneventful protest where people behaved themselves. Very little can be gleaned from this release, but the link is still below if people want to pick it apart.