Private Lives of the RCMP - I defend a cop for once

It has come to my attention that a member of the RCMP who was active in the kink community had their personal photos leaked by someone who was out to target that person. While I have no sympathy for the police, I find it troubling that people such as Jason Gratl and Cameron Ward are using the RCMP officer’s private life as leverage to re-open the Missing Women’s Inquiry, and here is why I am disappointed.

We all have the right to privacy, and everyone leaks data, including police officers. Now, while I question the wisdom of that officer using parts of the RCMP uniform for their kink activities, and having their private USB drive at work, I find that I don’t really care about what this officer does in their off time. It would be hypocrisy for me to want to see this guy hung up to dry for his private activities, since this would lower me to the level of the assholes as Special “I” and Special “O” who followed me around for years and tried to figure out all my habits.

The thing with Gratl and Ward is that they know better than to target someones sex habits, but they’re choosing to do it anyway. I don’t see anything to be gained by this, and I have to admit that I lost some respect for them because of this issue. I don’t think that the officer respects women any more or less because of the photos. The reason for that is because I know enough people in the kink scene in this city to know that consent is a cornerstone, and that if this officer is even in the photos (which he may not be</a>), he obviously obtained the consent of the others. To be honest, what this does do is further drag kink culture underground, create more repressed, angry cops who will beat the shit out of people, and make everyone even more unsafe.

I understand the desire to use everything available to destroy the RCMP, that being said there are some lines that I even draw with this, which includes targeting the sex lives of members. While I don’t expect the same decency from my enemies in the red serge, I at least hold up this standard. The fact that well-known civil libertarians are trying to turn someone’s sex life into a reason to re-open the inquiry is very disappointing. This won’t get the inquiry to listen to the concerns of the families, and this won’t make the inquiry any less of a sham.

So, yes, even I have a line that I won’t cross, because I believe that someone’s privacy is that important.