Vancouver Casseroles Solidarity and the VPD

It’s been a long time since I last was out at a protest. The last time I showed up for something Occupy related was OccupyCondos, and the reason for that was because the Hackerspace was next to one of the condos that were being occupied. It seems that whatever is left of the Occupy movement has coalesced with the Casseroles solidarity protests which have been happening downtown.

I have obvious reasons for avoiding Casseroles Night in Canada, but despite those, I’ll probably show up to the next one and the reason is that they’re being cracked down upon by the Vancouver Police Department. The VPD tried to claim that the Black Bloc was going to appear at Casseroles in Vancouver, but based on the video, the numbers appear to have been dwindling, and not getting bigger at this event. I do not know the motivation for the VPD to crack down on this protest. There were rumours of the Crowd Control Unit being involved in some police training regarding protest, but these appear to be bike cops in regular uniform and it also appears that the police outnumber the protesters.