RCMP Presentations (G8/G20ISU JIG)

There was a request on the RCMP Completed ATIP site that looked interesting. A-2012-00238 was similar to the request that I filed regarding the V2010ISU-JIG. The problem with the requests is that when they say JIG you have no idea which JIG. The request was the following:

“Records generated by the RCMP included but not limited to those generated by a JIG or Primary Intelligence Investigation Team (PIIT) during the period spanning from January 2009 to April 2011 that was provided to private sector parties in general and energy companies in particular by way of oral, audio-visual or PowerPoint presentations, briefing notes, correspondence or any other manner”

What they got, and what I received were a series of e-mails and PowerPoints from the G8 ISU. One of the presentations talks about ideology and pretty much states that ideology is the primary threat, which is interesting, because it doesn’t say which ideology, except for this map of Ontario with Circle-As on it.

Another interesting document is the Classified Briefing for Energy Sector Stakeholders. This is hosted by National Resources Canada but located at CSIS HQ. Even though the CSIS personelle are redacted, other names like Robert Dick</a>, who is the head of Public Safety Canada’s Cyber Security Directorate, are mentioned. There’s some other humours things like finding out that NRCan uses Gantt Charts.

Also, there’s the Post-Summit review, and the liasons with other industries has a missing liason. CSIS, CF, CBSA, ITAC, RCMP-NSCOB and RCMP-INSET are there, so it’s weird that there would be one that was redacted. The post-summit presentation does mention Anarchist Activism as a threat with a picture of the Black Bloc in Vancouver. This presentation also happens to have a picture of Byron Sonne’s ill-fated wave guide and a Triple Barrel Potato Cannon</a> as part of the threats to public order. The presentation is interesting because it gives the baselines for the event. There were 22 suspects, 64 persons of interest and 259 associated. There were also 10 Independent Asymmetric Threats (IATs). IATs are described later in another presentation as people who are mentally unstable, letter writers or are lone gunmen. So, if you’re someone who is unhappy with the way things are and you write to the Prime Minister to complain, you are an Independent Asymmetric Threat to the RCMP.

There’s mention of the criminal conspiracy in the presentation. Even though this is redacted, it is safe to assume that this directly refers to Alex Hundert and the other G20 Defendants, since it refers to the fact that they were preemptively arrested.

The interesting thing about these briefings is that there is no presumption of innocence regarding the criminal conspiracy, or Byron or any other information. The RCMP get to spew their own set of lies, half-truths and bullshit and set the narrative for the briefings. The main list of security threats to the G20 is interesting as well: