Anarchist Bookfairs and V2010ISU-JIG

Most of the information included in this release is simply a repeat of previous documents when referring to the Victoria Anarchist Bookfair, but it also includes information on the Edmonton Anarchist Bookfair, and whether the Vancouver 2010 Integrated Security Unit spied on people there. So far, all we have is one page with an cursory open source search which indicates that they may not have sent anyone from the V2010ISU-JIG there. I don’t know about the RCMP Intelligence officers assigned to the Aboriginal JIG or the G8-G20ISU-JIG, but that’s the main thing that we glean from this.

The main problem with events such as Anarchist bookfairs is that they are mostly Anarchy Mall, where you can pick up books, t-shirts and other things like that, but due to the state surveillance, combined with the commercial nature, any sort of Anarchism that may take place is negated. You can say this about other Anarchist events, but the complete inability of radical collectives to create a proper safe space is important. The benefits of radical bookfairs is the fact that you can use cash to purchase your radical literature, and that it’s not trackable like orders on AK Press online, which require a credit card of some sort, and they do help bring radical ideas to new people, but it does suck when those new people get cracked down upon by the RCMP, who is looking to throw everyone and anyone in prison for their political ideas.

As usual, here are the documents. I apologize for not getting this out earlier, but as I said, there’s not a lot more information that can be gleaned here.