Happy 50th BCCLA

The BC Civil Liberties Association and I have often not seen eye to eye on issues. For example, I still think that not attending Heart Attack and then acting surprised and disappointed about what happened after the fact was a foolish and stupid thing to do. There are also certain recently hired staff members of the BCCLA who I personally dislike. That being said, they have done a lot of solid work in the past over the past 50 years, and I hope that they keep doing that work for years to come.

The thing with Free Speech is that you have to stand up for free speech even if it’s for people you despise. I have many, many enemies on the Left as well as on the Right, but they do have the right to speak and express their ideas. They don’t have the right to not be interrupted or confronted, but they do have the right to express their ideas how they see fit. Certain people may say that I despise certain people for speaking their mind, I don’t. Those people either tried to silence others, or went out of their way to endanger others.

At any rate, Happy 50th Anniversary. I just wish that there were events for us plebes who can’t afford to attend the $150/plate gala event, or the AGM/Seminar that happened on Friday when I had to work.