2007 Consultation for Lawful Access

In 2007, Stockwell Day started consultations about Lawful Access and the need to spy on Canadians. Even though he said publicly that he wasn’t going to do this, he must have saw it as prudent to look into the issue. Usually when Public Safety Canada refers to the last consultation on this issue, they are referring to this consultation.

It appears that on the initial consultation they stuck to academic advocates only, and they didn’t want groups such as the BC Civil Liberties association from consulting on this, most likely because it would mean more negative feedback to the spying initiative.

This is very similar as the earlier documents with Victim’s Groups willing to sacrifice their rights to privacy just so that they can catch that mythical pedophile that may or may not exist. Most of these documents are identical to the documents that I obtained from the Ministry of Justice earlier. You can find the ATIP files at the bottom of this post as usual.

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