Apologies for delays

Unfortunately, due to personal issues I have not been able to get the PDF files up on the site as of yet. I hope to get the files up after June 4th. On another note, we will be participating in #BlackoutSpeakout</a>. My reasons for this are below:

  • Canadian charities are being targeted for speaking out against changes to environmental regulations, and against the Tar Sands. This change is not just the environmental movement, but will also impact other charities who advocate for the protection and promotion of certain pieces of legislation that the Conservatives don't like. This can include groups such as the BC Civil Liberties Association and the Canadian Civil Liberties Association. The existing limit is also a law that puts limits on any group that chooses to be similar to the EFF in Canada, namely in the fact that it would be unable to fight against laws such as the Online Spying legislation.</li>
  • The Harper Government is destroying the Library and Archives Canada, a resource which currently houses information on state repression against Canadians. It currently takes 240 days to process documents from LAC through CSIS, and this would only be increased due to the cuts. In addition, information from the Department of National Defence is being downright dropped, which includes any Signals Intelligence documentation. In short, this is an attack on the history of Canada. Because he who controls the present can control the past.</li>
  • Environmentalists are being targeted as enemies of the Canadian state by this government. This means that the RCMP and CSIS are compiling secret lists of people involved in opposition to the tar sands, and to the Harper government, and are engaging in the same tactics that were put against both myself, which can potentially lead to wild goose chases such as the case against Byron Sonne.</li> </ul> This campaign may have been started by the mainstream environmental movement, but given the sweeping impact, it makes sense to go dark on June 4th. While I appreciate nature, my main concern is the fact that whatever we have left of democracy and rule of law is being weathered away for both state and corporate interests which appear to have completely converged at this point. The fact is that if the environmental movement can be villified, any movement can as well, including the movement for the freedom of information and transparency. Sorry to get on my soap box here, there'll be more files next week.