In case you haven’t heard, Byron Sonne, the G20 Defendant who was locked up for over a year without bail, is now Free. Despite the fact that the Crown pretty much destroyed his life and livelihood, he does not have a criminal record, and is now just as free as I am.

The reason I care so much about Byron’s case is the fact that Byron is a hacker and activist, like myself, who decided to poke the dragon. However, in Byron’s case, the Dragon poked back hard. What was at stake in the RvSonne case was nothing more than free thought in Canada, plain and simple. This is why it was critically important for this case to be won the way it was. The fact is that this case will be used as precedent for years to come when it comes to things such as Social Media, Definition of Explosives, grounds for counselling mischief, and other cases. However, the fact remains that the state did cause Byron to go through a divorce and lose his CISSP, and they did keep him in jail for over a year. I honestly hope that Byron keeps up the fight against the state in the courts, and seeks the justice that he deserves.

The effect that the Byron Sonne case has had on Canadian Hackerspaces is also interesting. Unlike the American counterparts, I feel that the Canadian Hackerspaces have moved more against the state and the police because of the G20 and Byron Sonne fiasco. The reason for this is that Byron is one of us, and it could have just as easily been anyone else from, FOULAB or Vancouver Hack Space facing these charges in court. The old wobbly saying “An injury to one is an injury to all” definitely rings true here, and it’s obvious when you see that.

I look forward to talking to Byron Sonne, because us hackers have to stick together!