Notes from CSIS about the WikiLeaks Task Force

In the past I have received documents from the DND about the Wikileaks Task Force, and from DFAIT themselves. This time, I have the documents from the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS). These documents are very similar to the earlier documents and have information about the US Diplomatic Cables that Wikileaks published years ago. It seems that CSIS set up an intelligence assessment branch to work with the WTF to go through these documents.

There is mention about the CSIS/Judd cable, followed by an e-mail from someone at CSIS who is sending more CSIS staff over to DFAIT to help with the Wikileaks Task Force. Apparently there was an offer of CSIS to have their own dump of the cables, since Wikileaks was blocked to the Government of Canada. There’s documents where they try to determine when “Canada Day” is, namely when the documents are going to be dumped for Canada, but this is something that we’ve seen before.

Overall, CSIS was just as eager to see the documents on Canada as everyone else and was disappointed when they didn’t see anything. Of course,the major windfall happened on April 28, 2011, right before the election happened. At the end it really came down to what it normally comes down to in Canada, the opinion of the world on the Alberta Tar Sands.

I apologize for this release kind of being a turd. The other response I got about leaks from CSIS is a bit more interesting. That will be a subject of another blog post.

csis_wikileaks.pdf</a> - 24 MB - SHA1SUM: 7375412f99ebdb180b7573564cc506b09dd9289b