Keeping Score: ATIP lists for Feb/March 2012

So, tonight I wrote up more ATIP requests based on the lists provided by the Government of Canada. I know that I can search them through an web tool, but I enjoy reading them because it helps me keep score.

CSIS: Major Victory in March 2012

I have five responses from CSIS in March 2012. A-2011-079, A-2011-082, A-2011-114, A-2011-151 and A-2011-152 are all mine. I can see the Globe and Mail’s version of 151 below as A-2011-184, and I can see that I got more pages by providing a timeframe for my request. Overall, with the Wikileaks Task Force e-mails and the ITAC threat assessments, March was pretty epic win as far as getting info out of CSIS.

RCMP: I am not alone

The RCMP requests behind, but I don’t blame them since they have a massive volume of requests to send out. A-2011-04382, A-2011-06120 and A-2012-00258 are my requests, so I lost out on that one. But I do notice more requests about the V2010ISU-JIG, namely about the COT and the Undercover Teams. It may help that person if they read the AAR that indicates what teams the JIG has.

Public Safety Canada

I’m quickly starting to send more ATIPs their way than I am with the RCMP, CSIS and the CBSA. The Lawful Access debacle is why a ton of people are requesting information to see what happened with the process. I know that my request is in PCO hell where they’re trying to massage the request so that it’s useless to anyone, however it seems that others got their Lawful Access responses. I did get a CCIRC response, which is A-2011-00266, but there’s not a whole heck of a lot to report on this one, but Public Safety still hasn’t given me all the info I really want from them.

I took a break from the blog and from ATIP, mostly because I wanted to do something that wasn’t going to make me super depressed with the fact that the Government is really trying to make our lives worse in the name of safety and security, but this week I was able to get caught up a bit. Hopefully we can uncover more issues and shed light in dark corners, even if the Conservatives are trying to obfuscate everything.