CSIS Leaks - Adil Charkaoui and La Presse

Sometimes I ask random questions of agencies such as CSIS, like ones about the procedure involving leaked information. This was done after CSIS leaked infomration about Abdelrazik</a> so that they could try and wreck his court case. It seems that there was a leak in relation to Adil Charkaoui</a> in 2008 to La Presse. The case went to a Federal Court judge who demanded to know who the source of the leaks were, and there’s an article by the Ottawa Citizen.

This has the information about the leak, as well as the official media lines from the leak. Of course, I was looking for the leak that caused Jason Kenney to be a douchebag</a>, but I didn’t get any information on that leak. However, the leak did hurt Charkaoui’s case back in 2008 and it seems that the court doesn’t like it when the rights of individuals are violated by the Government of Canada leaking information to the press.

At any rate, here are the documents. I apologize about the disjointed nature of this CSIS document, but hopefully we will get something more substantial soon.

csis_leaks.pdf</a> - 3.5 MB - SHA1SUM: 2e37652c972500e002859da62cd38393bd83bbdf