The BC Government and Online Spying

One thing that Vic Toews said was that he has the support of all the Solicitor Generals of all the Provinces. I don’t know about other provinces, but British Columbia has the ability to get information from their ministries using an online form, and I requested the info from Public Safety and the Solicitor General, and I found a briefing note which described a meeting with then Minister Kash Heed and Mr. Vic Toews</a>. It should be noted that both Kash Heed</a> and Vic Toews violated the Elections Acts in their various provinces, and as such have a lot in common already.

Anyway, this is some briefing notes, so it has the information that the minister finds relevant. Unfortunately most of the information that is really pertinent was redacted because it was the Provincial Government negotiating with the Federal Government, and these inter-governmental negotiations are always held behind closed doors, despite the fact that I am a Canadian Citizen, AND I am a resident of British Columbia. This is most likely why I have only four pages of briefing notes from the minister.

It does seem really odd that the meeting happened during the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic Games, although it makes sense, since the Minister was most likely in town for the Olympics. I personally don’t think that Kash Heed and Vic Toews talked much about online spying while watching whatever they ended up getting tickets to. BTW, if someone wants to find that handy spreadsheet of who got which free Olympic ticket, that would be extremely helpful.

As usual, here’s the file</a>. You can eventually find it on the Open Info BC</a> website.