Numbers are in: 71 Persons, 45 Anarchists - Random thoughts on the Criminalization of Dissent

The first request I did for my own personal information, I discovered what looked like a list, and this list appeared to be the list of individuals who were still Persons of Interest when the Olympics eventually happened. This was after the three to five years of police repression that took place to try to dissuade people from demonstrating during the games, and this is after the numerous incarnations of Anti-Olympic groups that were setup to protest the games, and it turns out the V2010ISU had 71 persons on their list of Persons of Interest, and 45 of those people were considered Anarchists according to the RCMP, including myself.

The purpose of the RCMP cracking down on Anarchists was the fact that they believe that Anarchists are the Black Bloc and that the Black Bloc consists of Anarchists. First of all, the Black Bloc is a tactic. This tactic may be used by Anarchists, but it is not an exclusive tactic, especially since anyone who has black clothing on and a mask can participate. Secondly, not all Anarchists participate in the Black Bloc, for example, I don’t bloc up, and I personally dislike the Black Bloc tactic for its lack of strategy. I do think that the Black Bloc tactic can be effective when used right, namely to scare the living shit out of the police who have been beating down protesters, but random property damage doesn’t accomplish much. On the same note, I think that protesting outside somewhere and peacefully holding a sign is not effective at all if one can march right in and perform an act of non-violent civil disobedience, like Mic Checking a politician at a dinner. In the age of YouTube, spectacle works in favour of the people.

The thing is that we have a situation where the crown and groups like INSET, which is a force consisting of the RCMP, CSIS, Local Law Enforcement and the Canadian Military getting all hot and bothered about this Black Bloc organization that they are seeking to equate Anarchism and Community Mobilizing with the Black Bloc and ELF as if it’s one big conspiracy. This is clear with the most recent notes from the Byron Sonne trial</a>. The Crown, desperate to link Byron to something, first tries to claim that he was connected to EFL without using the torrent file to download the book because it might infringe on the ELF’s copyright. Then they try to link Byron with the Toronto Community Mobilization Network because someone sent Byron an e-mail about a security talk. This is where shit gets bizzare, since they go on this crazy tangent saying that TCMN was the Black Bloc and ELF and conspired to light the cars on fire, even though there is zero evidence to indicate that occurred.

Since the Byron Sonne trial is continuing, I’ll definitely be checking the notes more closely, since Byron may do what others haven’t been able to do, which is beat the Counselling Mischief charge. Recently, Alex Hundert talked about the plea agreement and how it was decided</a>, and he talks about the trade-offs that it involved. I recommend that people listen to what he has to say about this. The fact that there are still G20 cases two years later shows the massive extent of what happened.