Wikileaks Stratfor: PETA spied on, who else?

One of the first leaks to come out of the Stratfor Hack that WikiLeaks has released was that the Coca-Cola Company hired Stratfor to spy on PETA</a> and to see which activists associated with PETA or other Anarchist “hangers on”</a> related to Animal Rights activism would be protesting the games.

Now, since Stratfor is well connected, we know that someone at Stratfor knows someone at the RCMP, and that would lead them to the Vancouver 2010 Integrated Security Unit - Joint Intelligence Group, who recently wrote up dossiers on the main threats such as the Olympic Resistance Network, and the Anti-Poverty Committee, but also PETA and myself (which makes no sense, since I was a member of ORN). We don’t know the extent of the espionage, or whether the RCMP worked directly or indirectly with Coca-Cola or Stratfor, but this revelation hits pretty close to home, and while people may be denouncing Wikileaks for doing this, I’m personally greatful for it since those motherfuckers most likely spied on me.

So, in case Colombian Death Squads</a> and the death of the public water fountain weren’t reasons enough to stop drinking it, how about the fact that Coca-Cola probably hired people to spy on people you know because they’re vegan, or because they’re radical or both. Given the amount of money at stake during the Torch Relay, it’s no wonder why Coca-Cola was paying to investigate PETA, it was probably their only lead. Of course, this may change when more e-mails are released.

BTW: I have no association with PETA. I didn’t talk to them at all during the Olympics, even though they were at the “Take Back Our City” demo and “Heart Attack”. I’m also not a vegetarian, and I had a traumatic experience when I was four where a rooster tried to peck my eyes out, so I have no qualms about killing and eating poultry since the little bastard made it clear it was either him or me. Anyone who is concerned about the welfare of farm animals that aren’t mammals clearly doesn’t know what cruelty these creatures are capable of.</em>