Extension Games

I just got back two letters from CSIS, both of which are for Access to Information Requests that I made to the Integrated Terrorism Assessment Centre. As we have seen before, the ITAC is where documents from the Olympics and the G20 have come from, and is so far the only way I can get consistent information out of the spy agency. It used to be called the Integrated Threat Assessment Centre until recently when they decided to change the name to make it sound scarier.

At any rate, both my ATIP request regarding Anonymous, LulzSec and #AntiSec as well as my request regarding the Occupy Movement have been extended another 90 days. This means that we won’t be seeing any response from CSIS regarding Occupy, Anonymous, LulzSec or AntiSec until after May Day.

Of course, we’ve seen what’s happened in the past with extensions, given the fact that CSIS still hasn’t sent me back the response to my ATIP request regarding their involvement in the Wikileaks Task Force, and CSIS is currently holding up the request I made to the Department of National Defence regarding the Communications Security Establishment Canada’s involvement in the same task force. This will probably prompt another complaint to the Information Commissioner of Canada, since they can do something about late ATIP requests. However, that being said, I have to pull up the original request.

BTW: If anyone wants to work on a project similar to ATIPper or wants to update ATIPper so that it actually runs on the latest Rails version</a>, that would be greatly appreciated.