C-30: The Chill Factor on Independent Media

I was re-reading Bill C-30, since it has now arrived on the House of Commons website</a> and I found that the definition of telecommunications service is vague, and it’s purposely vague. From the Bill:

“telecommunications service” means a service, or a feature of a service, that is provided by means of telecommunications facilities, whether the provider owns, leases or has any other interest in or right respecting the telecommunications facilities and any related equipment used to provide the service.</em>

So, arguably both and are services that are provided by me, by paying a fee to my hosting provider in Canada (iWeb). I didn’t think that this would be right, except when I read Schedule 1, which are the exemptions.</a> To summarize, here are the exemptions:

  • Private services for use in a household (personal routers, VPNs) or private business equipment (Corporate VPN)</li>
  • Web sites that are primarily used to sell things (ebay, Amazon, Chapters)</li>
  • Banking Websites</li>
  • Web Hosting of a Not-For-Profit</li>
  • Websites which are broadcasters under the Broadcasting Act</li> </ul> So, since I don't fit any of those five categories, that means that I may be obliged by law to provide the RCMP with IP addresses. This means that Canada is not a safe place to host a website once this bill passes, and I may move this site so that it's hosted in a country with better laws to avoid this. In addition to that, I think legal action may be necessary, since this infringes on Free Speech as well as privacy rights. While I don't see this immediately shutting me down, I do see this as an eventuality.