Random RCMP chill

Normally, when I see a critique of the RCMP, I usually think it’s because someone got their door knocked down because some drug dog smelled pot down the street, or the RCMP hogtied and tasered someone causing them to die in custody, or the RCMP are going through the trash of activists and are trying to silence dissent. You know, actual bad shit! What is incredibly low on my list is driving infractions.

Unlike the right to freedom of expression, there is no right to drive. As the RCMP stated, there is no charter case that would save you here.</a> There is a mobility right, but that applies to entering and leaving Canada, not being able to drive from point a to point b without being stopped by a police officer because they may have reason to suspect that you may be intoxicated.

The RCMP, and other police do assume you’re guilty, because that’s their job. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, the job of the police is to get you arrested. They would prefer if the evidence is right, but they really don’t care at the end of the day as long as they cover their asses. Being mouthy to a cop may be therapeutic, and the cop most definitely deserved it because he’s a cop, but it’ll get you in a whole lot more trouble. I personally thought the article that the Editor of the Osoyoos Times wrote was over the top and that it doesn’t deserve much thought. However, it’s what follows that is really chilling.

It turns out that the head of RCMP Communications wrote a statement calling out the Osoyoos Times Editor for his slanderous statement</a>. While the RCMP threatening to release a video is far better than doing with the Fredericton Police did with the New Brunswick Blogger and charging him with Criminal Libel, this makes me wonder how this could be used as a weapon to any critics of the police who have actual facts.

It seems that more and more the RCMP and other police forces are using Criminal Defamation to silence any critics, and those who aren’t careful enough to back up what they say with facts easily fall victim to it. While I would like to say that I have nothing to fear, I do think that the fact that the RCMP is looking at protecting its members, and that while I do my best to have documents back up my claims against members of the RCMP (such as Sgt. Bill Yake, who surveilled Spartacus Books, and Georges El-Azzi who compiled a secret list of people who were against the Olympic Games, as well as other members of the JIG who profiled people based on what books they read and who they associated with, building up large files on individuals full of painfully boring material).

What do you call a law-enforcement agency that spends its time investigating radical bookstores, going as far as profiling everyone who volunteers at a bookstore and putting them on a secret list because of their political beliefs? If you have solid evidence of wrongdoing, the evidence should speak for itself. Instead of saying that we’re heading towards a police state, it’s better to prove it, and remember that at the end you have to prove it to the court of public opinion, since the RCMP is accountable to no one, and all you can count on is fleeting outrage.

But, whatever you do, avoid the baseless allegations. Don’t let the bastards get you on that!