Lorne Schwartz: The connection between Special O and V2010ISU-JIG

Recently, there was an interesting article in The Province</a> about the degeneration of the Special O unit. The Special O unit is the physical counterpart to the Special I unit. The Special O unit consists of the police who go under cover, break the law, and spend years trying to infiltrate their targets. What is interesting is that the head of Special O is the same officer who headed the Vancouver 2010 Integrated Security Unit - Joint Intelligence Group.

Now, it appears that hell has frozen over, since I’m actually in agreement with Leo Knight for once. Knight is a former RCMP officer who writes general “Rah-Rah” pieces in 24 hours where he bashes everyone who hates the cops, and like most cops he especially seems to loathe David Eby and the BCCLA. I personally despise Knight’s articles most of the time. At any rate, he seems to agree</a> that the blame for Special O going down the toilet seems to belong to Schwartz.

At any rate, I find that the recent interest in Schwartz has raised interest in this blog. I find this hilariously funny, since I’m still blocking the RCMP (after all the intel I provided them, I don’t think they need any more info). I’m amazed that they let Schwartz’s name be published or released in the documents, since it shows the direct link between Special O and the JIG, which is what I was looking for in a recently denied ATIP request.