Public Safety Canada

(Sorry, this is an explanatory post. I’ll post more document releases here soon. I figure that I’d explain who Public Safety was in case it wasn’t clear to the reader.) </em>

There is something that I just realized when writing is that people don’t understand which agencies are assigned with the bullshit that is “National Security”. We hear all about the US Department of Homeland Security, and how the DHS keeps trying to keep the “Homeland” safe from any threats foreign or domestic. In Canada, we have Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness Canada. When I first heard about Public Safety Canada</a>, I thought it was completely stupid, partly due to the fact that the first Conservative to be the head of Public Safety was Stockwell Day. However, the more I look at it, the more evil this ministry is.

Public Safety Canada was created after September 11th. Before then, it was the Solicitor General’s office, which is similar to the UK Solicitor General. Back then, it was clear that the Solicitor General was supposed to be about enforcing the law, even though it did have CSIS under its control. However, after September 11th, the Canadian Government re-tooled the position turning it into the PSEPC and abolishing the Solicitor General’s Office in 2005.

At this point, the department ended up with these departments reporting to it: