VPD: The Heart Attack FOI

The Vancouver Police Department publishes the results of an Freedom of Information Act request for the purposes of “scooping” the mainstream press, and for allowing themselves to spin the story more to their favour. Once of the documents that they have released during 2011 was the Heart Attack document. This includes the report regarding the Heart Attack protest</a>, and this includes the PRIME entry for the incident, as well as any names included with this incident, although it’s clear that those names have been removed.

There’s a question as to whether this document was shared with the Vancouver 2010 Integrated Security Unit, or whether the Vancouver Police kept this document to themselves, but it does show the plans that the VPD had for dealing with a mass arrest, and when they felt it necessary to call in the SILVER commander of VISU. The document becomes interesting when you start looking at the official report, with excerpts such as this one below:

The crowd started to move about 0900 hours and from the beginning was clearly not a normal (peaceful) protest which PC 1918 GOUGH has seen so many times before. The front of the crowd were all masked and several others who were not were old faces from the APC.</blockquote> It was clear that the VPD was expecting the Anti-Poverty Committee to appear, and that everyone from the APC currently has files with the VPD. This isn't surprising given the fact that for many years the APC was the VPD's arch-nemesis of sorts. What's extremely funny is this comment that was made by the VPD officer who wrote the report:
Amongst the group were "legal observers" as there had been the day before, who were of course not observing the illegality of those they walked with, but noting police officer badge numbers, video taping officers and so forth.</blockquote> I don't think that the VPD knows the difference between the NLG Legal Observers or the BCCLA Legal Observers or cares about this distinction, they view all the Legal Observers as a threat. This is further proof that what Howard Zinn said was right about being neutral on a moving train. It's better to choose sides or those sides will be decided for you. Overall, this document does not add anything to the information of state surveillance other than that the VPD was expecting a fight with the APC and not the Heart Attack demonstration. This appears to show a complete and total disconnect from the entire intelligence operation of the Vancouver 2010 Integrated Security Unit and shows that the efforts of the group weren't at all meant to prevent Heart Attack, but instead were meant to simply marginalize those who may participate in more mainstream protests. This needs to be investigated and explored further.