VPD and the Mystery Conference

Recently I decided to try to request documents from the VPD again, and this time it succeeded. The documents that I requested under FIPPA were documents related to the Stanley Cup Riot and the Security Conference attend by Sgt. Dale Weidman. The Globe and Mail kept the name of the conference in Ottawa secret, and only indicated that the VPD were presenting at the conference. It was clear that the Globe and Mail reporter was also in attendance, but given the cozy relationship between the police and CTVGlobeMedia, that’s not surprising at all.

The reason I wanted to know about the conference was to see if I could find the damn thing online and see if anyone was presenting any information regarding interception techniques to be used by law enforcement, or any information regarding the G20 the prior year. Instead, all I got back from the Vancouver Police Department was this presentation that was given with most of the information redacted. Under the law, these were redacted because of:

  • Information relating to an ongoing prosecution</li>
  • Information that would harmful to law enforcement if disclosed (this is directly from their strong suit)</em></li>
  • Third party personal information</li> </ul> For some reason, the slide had a picture of rioters with their faces blacked out, which is incredibly funny, since it implies that the Vancouver Police Department knew who these people were and decided that they were not guilty of anything at the riot. Yet, they managed to be on numerous slides. Normally, I post these documents, but I know that the VPD will soon publish this as one of the first releases of 2012 on their site. I see that they publish numerous documents, including one about the Anti-Olympic Convergence that I have to read and cross-reference with the RCMP document. There will be an additional blog post about thiat. As usual, here's the document: r_IRIT_Presentation.pdf</a>