The CSIS Reading Room Ledger

Earlier, when I asked for a random selection of the released Access to Information requests, I requested the CSIS Reading Room ledger. This is a list of all the CSIS ATIP responses that were ever read in the CSIS reading room. The CSIS reading room is in Ottawa, and is where you go to see your response when you check the box that says “Examine Originals in Government Offices”.

Understandably the CSIS Reading Room list is only 80 pages because it’s CSIS, and nobody in their right mind would walk into their HQ, most likely because of the reputation of the Intelligence Service. However, some people have decided to actually go there and look up research on a wide range of historical and current topics. The fact is that since this is the old list, a large chunk of these records are now with the Library and Archives Canada. Recently, I tried to request the records on Emma Goldman. However, the problem is that the Library and Archives Canada claims that they can’t find any records on him, which is incredibly strange. I have the feeling that if the records were still in CSIS custody, I’d be able to find more information. I have the same issue with Spartacus Books and People’s Co-Op Bookstore as well, both of which were most likely spied on by the RCMP Security Service.

I do plan on using this ledger to request some of the files. However, the problem with CSIS is that CSIS charges for photocopying. The last response of the ITAC threat assessments cost me $65. I suspect that requesting documents on the IWW would cost me hundreds of dollars. Also, CSIS doesn’t copy things to CD-ROM and only deals in Hard Copy, which means that I do have to spend an entire evening with my scanner instead of doing things like going to Commons 2012.

At any rate, here’s the file. It’s close to 100 MB in size, and I did make it more readable than what I originally had.