By - Plans for the next year

So, the domain is a year old now. When I started this blog, I was intending it to be used for Wikileaks/OpenLeaks and Transparency writing. I didn’t know the scale or the scope of the Vancouver 2010 Integrated Security Unit’s Joint Intelligence Group at the time. In fact, I barely knew that they even existed. This year, thanks to the efforts of myself and other researchers and independent journalists and researchers, we have a much clearer picture of the activities of three of the Joint Intelligence Groups that were established in the last decade, how they interconnected, and their goals to criminalize and silence dissent through intimidation and pre-emptive arrest. We’ve seen the use of old and new surveillance techniques, as well as undercover informants both during the Olympics and the G20 organizing.

We’ve also seen changes in the circumstances behind WikiLeaks as well, with OpenLeaks turning out to be a giant fucking flop, and other leaking sites getting setup and gathering information. We’ve seen the rise of Anonymous, the Arab Spring and the Occupy movement. Once again, we’ve also seen the Occupy movement not learn from the past, and make the same mistakes that other social movements have made over and over again, with many people all too willing to be co-opted and all too willing to compromise and work with the police, so much so that it’s been to the detriment of solid organizers who have devoted their life to working in the community, whatever that may involve. A major goal of the research is to show what happened.

People involved with mass mobilizations against the Olympics and the G20 have their own documents, attended their own meetings, and have worked together on and off for a good part of three years. People have already documented their experiences planning for the G20, as well as what they saw happened. The focus of the ATIP work, as well as with any other intelligence gathering is to get information as to what the government did in a methodical way that you would use to analyze an enemies strengths and weaknesses. The reason for this is because the more we look at how the state deals with activist activities, whether you are an mainstream activist working for reform, or whether you’re a militant who is looking to overthrow the whole system, whatever it is that you believe, you will be targeted by the state the same way, and you have to be ready.

Anyway, as far as the new year is concerned, I’m going to be keeping a closer eye on the activities of the government with regards to the new Lawful Access bill, as well as with other privacy matters. If I see a technology that could have been used against myself, I’ll be digging up more information on it. Also, it looks like I’m going to have to get more agressive with the City FOI Department and the VPD’s FOI department, since they’re the two main government agencies that have completely stonewalled me. The Province of BC is extremely hard to get information from, and most of the information from them is related to the PRIME-BC file, which technically doesn’t exist as a Crown entity.

There are clearly still secret databases, Joint Intelligence Groups that may or may not take my garbage in the cover of night, and all sorts of other crazy things that if you said out loud just sound like the stuff of conspriacy theories. Of course, the fact that we request this information from the government, using an antiquated but legal process, proves that this isn’t the land of make believe but are quantifiable, verifiable facts.

In short, 2012 should be an interesting year.