City of Vancouver prevents Freedom of Information once again

Even though I knew it would be a completely worthless exercise, I decided to request information from the City of Vancouver and I would try to get all the information relating to OccupyVancouver. The thing with the city is that it’s notorious in its hatred of bloggers and journalists, as Chad Skelton has found earlier. This is because they view these requests as “fishing expeditions” and “not in the public interest”</a>. Of course, since the average City burecrat seems more interested in fucking over the people who live in Vancouver than anything else, as seen with the recent “consultations”, this is not surprising.

At any rate, I didn’t do what I should have done if I seriously wanted to fight this. I wrote a one-off request, and I didn’t make a copy of my request. This is required if I want to go fight the City of Vancouver later on at the Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner. I’ve talked to other people who have gone to battle with the City and the VPD in this way, and it sounded pretty grim.

Anyway, I got my fee assessment and this time the City of Vancouver only wants $950 instead of $4000. Now, while I’m willing to pay CSIS their fee for their fancy paper, I’m not willing to pay the PCO the $450 they wanted to charge me for the 2010 Security Preparations, and I’m sure as hell not paying the City of Vancouver to “prepare” a document.

In short, I don’t feel that I have the energy at this time to go on the offensive against the City of Vancouver over these records. I think that the fact that I ask and receive records from CSIS, one of the most secretive organizations in the country, but am unable to do so from my local government speaks volumes to the contempt that the City Staff have towards the people who live in Vancouver, let alone those who pay taxes. I may just let this one expire and then file again, this time with a duplicate in hand for the sole purpose of fighting this, but it entirely depends on whether or not the Canadian National Security Community (RCMP/CSIS/CSE/DND/CBSA/INAC/DFAIT/etc) stops doing shitty things to people, and honestly, it doesn’t look like that will stop any time soon.