The Canadian Forces National Counter-Intelligence Unit

When people think of groups being spied on and infiltrated in Canada, the first thought is usually CSIS, followed by the RCMP. This makes perfect sense given the fact that both groups have been spying on radical groups and activist groups since their inception. However, the Canadian Forces also has a Counter-Intelligence Unit, which also works with the intelligence community.

The document that is obtained by the CFNCIU shows the direct connection between the G8/G20ISU and the Vancouver 2010 Integrated Security unit, since it pulls information from both groups. In the report, the attack on the RBC Royal Bank in Guelph is mentioned in the first few pages.

What follows is a series of e-mails that refers to the JIG’s E&R (Evidence and Records database). This is the same database software that was used by the V2010ISU. It refers to tasks from CSBA, CSIS, DND, INSET (Integrated National Security Enforcement Team), ITAC (Integrated Threat Assessment Centre) and the NSCOB (National Security Criminal Operations Branch). It’s clear that there was data sharing in this database, unlike during the Olympics where CBSA and the RCMP stored documents in different databases.

Following that is a document about OP CADENCE</a> which was about watching the skies above Toronto during the G20 as well as the waterways. Most of the documents before the mass redaction deal with the details of OP CADENCE. After this, the document mostly contains the standard shared information between the various Canadian agencies and the US Military, who appear to be on the friendly forces list. This may indicate that the US Military was deployed during the G8/G20.

The document gets more interesting around page 67, where there are reactions. However, with the mention of the fact that Obama is of African-American descent, it’s clear that the Canadian Military are dealing with a right-wing hate group. There is discussion of the proliferation of bomb-making materials, as well as weapons training and extremists. This seems to be practically dismissed, and not investigated further, where as on page 70, there is far more detail of the TMCN, as well as the USSF, which while redacted is clearly mentioned due to the fact that it took place in Detroit, Michigan. This corresponds to the prior documents that I received regarding the CBSA and the G20 and the Vancouver 2010 Games where they monitored attendees of the Social Forum and those who attended the summit protests.

On March 15, the G8-G20 Integrated Security Unit released an intelligence report. Unfortunately, it does not appear that we have any of these reports, and I do plan on requesting these documents in the future, since they have proven to be interesting when obtained from the V2010ISU. This then seems to be controversial, since the DND doesn’t want there to appear to be a direct link between the ISU and the DND, and asks that certain DND e-mails not be added to the ISU distribution list.

There are clear issues with different standards and how the RCMP and DND share information. The e-mails get more disorganized. This is obvious given the fact that they become harder to follow with the redactions, and the use of the font Comic Sans becomes more visible. This is where things end.

As far as where to go from here, it would be interesting to see what the CFNCIU was doing during the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics, since they were clearly involved in that as well, and there may have been more investigation of various groups. However, what is telling is how the CF concentrates on threats including First Nations threats, but apparently disregards threats from the right, namely those from hate groups. I could be wrong about this because a lot of this information is redacted, but that is how it appears from here.

The files can be obtained through the Toronto Media Coop’s G20 Papers Project</a>. The file that I am referring to is “DND A-2010-00328.pdf”</strong> which is in the first batch.