PCO Fees

I recently heard back about the request I sent to the Privy Council Office phrased as the following:

“All infomration that the Privy Council Office has regarding the security preparations for the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic Games. This information would be between January 2007 and April 2010 and would include all information on the Olympic Resistance Network”.

I’m not sure I phrased it that way, and I may need to call them and re-phrase this entire request since I want all the info about the Olympic Resistance Network contained IN the documents about the Security Preparations, not the other way around. At any rate, this is higher than the fees that CSIS charges for photocopying.

The question is whether the records are worth it. With ATIP, it’s hard to tell. For example, the random documents I got back from ATIP were good, but I don’t feel they were worth the $35 that I paid for them, while the documents that I got back from CSIS about the G20 were good, and were added to the G20 Papers project. I suspect that my request to CSIS for the V2010ISU ITAC sheets are going to be similar.

Then there’s the matter of the Vancouver Police Department and FIPPA. Even though the PCO is charging for the search, this is STILL subsidized by the government, since the fee is set to $10/hr. This is the same as the RCMP’s search fee. It’s obvious that nobody works for the Government of Canada at a piddly $10/hr. However, for the VPD, they charge full rates for a Constable and a Detective to look at documents, and this is why it’s far harder to get this sort of info out of the VPD.

I do plan on filing a lot more requests with the VPD using FIPPA in the new year, but I suspect that I’ll still deal with fees, and I’ll have to in dozens of re-scoped requests about various actions, as well as various deployments. I don’t think I’ll get much out of the VPD, since FIPPA is very, very broken!

At any rate, this is the latest update on the ATIP research. The next week is going to be very huge, since some of the G20 Papers are coming out. This corresponds with the plea deal done by the G20 defendants. I highly recommend that people visit the Conspire to Resist</a> Wordpress blog to read about the stories of the defendants, and how they were infiltrated by the G8/G20JIG, which on its own was the largest police spying operation in Canadian history. Combine that with is immediate predecessor, the V2010ISU (it can easily be argued that they are the same thing), and you end up with a very nasty conspiracy by the government to criminalize dissent in Canada. I know that I’ve said this hundreds of times before, but people need to how the government of this country works with the mainstream media to villify and demonize people who have the courage to resist the state.

I promise to have more write-ups and other infomration next week when the G20 Papers are released, until then, we’ll just have to see what else comes to the surface.