It's time to open the archives: CBSA during the Olympics and the G20

Given the fact that Vancouver Media Coop seems to have stories that aren’t Occupy related, it’s time that I got back on the ATIP beat. This is important, because this shows the way the border can be used to criminalize, suppress dissent across the border.

This is a HUGE document dump, and to date this shows the most information about the CBSA activities. This includes the refusal of entry into the US of local Vancouver activists with the Olympic Resistance Network, as well as e-mails pertaining to the media’s reaction to that refusal. This also includes information from the G20 crossing, and the United States Social Forum that happened in Detroit.

The documents do cover the same general theme of the “Lone Wolf” terrorist. However, it mostly concentrates on the Torch Relay protests. The Black Bloc is mentioned in the document, even though the CBSA would never have to interact with them, and it discusses recruitment campaigns from Europe. This is concerning, since this could have been the biggest concern of the Vancouver 2010 Integrated Security Unit and why I kept having trouble at the Canada/US Border.

It appears that the CBSA Intelligence Officer (that’s what IO stands for, BTW) is Kelly Sandhu, and that this person is the person responsible for holding the files on the Anti-Olympic activists at the CBSA offices in Vancouver. What’s strange is that this person has an e-mail with both the RCMP and the CBSA.

What is of most interest is the file where they listed all the intercepted people to date, and how they were not willing to cooperate with the CBSA. They do state that the subjects were “self-proclaimed Anarchists”, which seems to be enough to be put in secondary screening. There are quite a few details, although they are extremely vague, but do talk about people going through the garbage of the persons of interest of the V2010ISU.

The major takeaways of this is the fact is that someone in the V2010ISU-JIG engaged in going through the trash of all the persons of interest looking for evidence. While this is most likely legal in Canada, it does make things a bit creepier to know that cops are now in our dumpsters along with everyone else who dumpster dives. It’s time to make sure you destroy all copies of everything thrown in the trash.

As usual, here’s a list of the documents. There will be more documents coming soon: