Open Letter to Mayor Gregor Robertson

I know that letter writing is a complete waste of time, but here’s an open letter that I sent to the Mayor of Vancouver, Gregor Robertson. I’m sure it’ll be deleted like the last e-mail I sent where I asked for him to actually attend a General Assembly, but this open letter is straight to the point.</em>

Dear Mayor Gregor Robertson

It has come to my attention that you are now seeking to shut down the #OccupyVancouver protest camp that currently exists at the Vancouver Art Gallery. I have sent you an e-mail in the past asking for you to attend a general assembly, as many others have, and it seems that our requests have fallen on deaf ears.

You may believe that you are secure in the fact that many see you as the lesser evil in this election where you’re currently running against the NPA candidate Suzanne Anton. However, given the fact that Suzanne Anton has visited the camp on October 31st, and today, and despite her anti-Occupy statements has not been attacked, or even yelled down verbally, I find that there is no distinguishable difference between her policies and her character and you own. While she has made it clear that she serves the business community, and the establishment in Vancouver that doesn’t care about the poor, she is at least willing to hear out people who she disagrees with and may even despise. You, on the other hand, have not been seen at Occupy Vancouver, and so far have not attended a General Assembly, despite the fact that numerous supporters of the Occupy movement, and the Occupy Movement itself has invited you to come down.

The fact that Suzanne Anton has been able to make the time to come down to Occupy and talk to the family of Ashlie Gough at OccupyVancouver and that you have not speaks volumes. The fact that another candidate for mayor, the one that you have called an “NPA Hack”, Mr. Randy Helten was able to speak on the Open Mic and talk to the people of OccupyVancouver about what he believes are the problems with this city speaks volumes. It’s clear that you do not care about the citizens of this city if they do not fit in your Greenest City ever plan.

I would like you to prove me wrong on this. Being slightly better than Suzanne Anton isn’t good enough to get my vote anymore, and I can tell you that I am not alone. I’m certain that many people who are watching how you deal with OccupyVancouver are unimpressed with how you avoid the tough questions asked both by reporters such as Bob Mackin last night, and by residents of the occupation. The only way you can redeem yourself is by actually showing up tonight and talking to OccupyVancouver at the General Assembly. This would actually show some leadership and show that you and your party are serious about consulting the community, even though that clearly doesn’t appear to be your strong suit.

I’m not asking you to not shut down Occupy Vancouver. I’m asking you to have the decency to tell these people to their face that you are going to shut down their camp. Suzanne Anton has that ability, why don’t you?


Joe Bowser