OccupyVancouver and the Long Haul

Today, it was reported that someone overdosed at OccupyVancouver. Despite the fact that medics had a hard time getting to the individual, they managed to get the medical attention that they needed and they didn’t die. However, what it did mean was that it gave the Mainstream Media more ammunition to go after it. Combine this with the ignorant, spoiled assholes who were going off about the Santa Claus Parade being re-routed because of OccupyVancouver, and you have every self-important bar star asshole suddenly giving a shit about people ODing and saying that Occupy Vancouver ruins Christmas.

I find it ridiculous that Suzanne Anton cares more about Santa Claus, who ISN’T FUCKING REAL than actual people protesting. I understand that this is a fundraising effort of the Vancouver Food Bank, however I do think that Downtown Vancouver is big enough to accommodate both events, as do the organizers of the parade.

However, it seems that the Vancouver Fire Department, after the OD incident, has decided to state that Occupy Vancouver has to comply with Fire Bylaw 8191, which is the catch-all bylaw. What I find interesting about this bylaw is the fact that it talks about the owner of the property complying with the bylaw, not necessarily the occupants. The owner of the property is the Provincial Government, which is why this is interesting to begin with. Will the City go after both Occupy Vancouver and the Provincial Government to resolve the Fire Safety issues?

At any rate, the writing is on the wall, and the end of the Tent City portion of OccupyVancouver is approaching. This is going to be when the law is broken, and it’ll be interesting to see how tomorrow unfolds, and who is still there supporting the occupiers.

That being said, it does seem like things are starting to happen outside of the Occupy movement again, and I will probably be publishing more documents soon, including the CSIS documents and the documents of the CBSA trying to control dissent at the border with respect to the Vancouver 2010 Games. Should be interesting times.