I am not a lawyer

There was a reason that the Vancouver 2010 Integrated Security Unit considered me a threat to Critical Olympics Infrastructure. The reason is because I have an interest in GSM, such as OpenBTS, OpenBSC and other Osmocom projects such as OsmocomBB. This rightly scared the V2010ISU shitless since in theory I could knock out all the Cellular Phone Networks. In reality, they should be able to catch this if I ever ordered one of these shitty devices from Deal Extreme, since they controlled CBSA’s Customs Control, and could have intercepted any attempt that I would have made to do this.

Oh well, the V2010ISU wasn’t very smart, as the 5 mW Laser that I currently possess that I bought from DealExtreme demonstrates. At any rate, one thing that I worried about when I was part of the Olympics Resistance Network was the fact that Bell was a corporate sponsor and was all too willing to intercept communications, and the fact that Rogers was GSM and easily owned. We never came up with a solution to this problem other than moving the SIM of the support number from phone to phone like a hot potato, and using random phones, but they could have still listened to the conversations and the text messages.

You can see the line of questioning in my ATIP requests as well where I ask to see who went to DEFCON to see Chris Paget’s talk</a>, which revealed the first mention of Special I in my ATIP documents</a> and their mandate to research technology JUST LIKE THIS. If the FBI has been doing it and the Met Police in the UK have been doing it, it’s safe to say that the RCMP and CSIS have this technology as well and have used it at the G20, since Special I appears in this Org Chart</a>.

Therefore, given that IMSI-catchers have been used by Law Enforcement, and given the fact that the RCMP already know about IMSI-Catchers and recommended that Special I look at them, this makes the new Lawful Access legislation all the more scary. In short, the RCMP can set up an IMSI catcher at somewhere like OccupyVancouver, get all the active IMSIs, then go to the Telco and get all the names and addresses of all the subscribers. This is all, of course, without a warrant.

Don’t believe me, well, you should read David TS Fraser’s blog post about this</a>. This is truly scary stuff, and why everyone should consider switching to pre-paid, throw-away plans instead of ones with an address attached.