Occupy Vancouver GA Minutes: City of Vancouver

Apparently, Gregor sent a Planner, the Deputy City Manager, and a rep from the Downtown Vancouver Business Improvement Association (DVBIA) to Occupy Vancouver to talk to them. It appears that the information from Frances Bula’s blog</a> corresponds with some draft minutes from OccupyVancouver</a> and that the City is trying to find out who the leader is for OccupyVancouver.

Note: It’s REALLY ANNOYING to not see SHA1SUMs of the PDF minutes. I have no idea if they were edited or altered, and I can’t rely on them to be an accurate record of what the GA has decided. If this is an issue for me, it should be an issue for those who are actaually occupying the space.</em>

The issue appears to be the tent city. I have to admit that I haven’t been as regular with the visits to OccupyVancouver as I would have liked to be. I went down there today, and there were way more tents, and there was way less people. I really do like the People’s Lovely Library, and how they were able to get a functioning library, and the people playing chess. In fact, it made what was essentially a dead square into a thriving public space. The only issue was the fact that the Art Gallery Lawn is too small for the Tent City that cropped up.

The City claims that the issue is with the Tent City. If the Tents do come down, I still don’t see people leaving the site. This is mostly based on my experience at OccupySF. When I was down in SF, the SFPD was raiding them daily and taking away any tenting structures that they may have brought. There were still people on site in shifts, and they were already there for two weeks without tents. While people may think that the cold and the wet will stop people from showing up, I disagree, and I think that there will still be a presence at the Art Gallery for weeks to come.

That being said, it would be nice if there were less tents around the kid zone so that I could actually wheel the stroller with my kid up into it. The fact that I have a family is the reason why I’m not camping down there with everyone else. I really wish it was more accessible for parents with children, since we’re also part of that 99% that they like to talk about. However, I believe that my partner has covered this in more detail</a>.