Maximum Impact: Holding off Document Releases

Due to the recent interest in the Occupy Movement, I have decided that right now isn’t the best time to release new document dumps of the various ATIPs. I’m going to wait until coverage is off of the OccupyMovement before releasing the documents again.

I’m currently looking over the G20 documents, and seeing what documents I can get for the Vancouver 2010 Integrated Security Unit. However, right now it doesn’t seem like people are interested in me rehashing what happened back in 2010 when there’s a tent city on the lawn of the Vancouver Art Gallery. What I may end up doing for maximum impact is holding a workshop at OccupyVancouver this week to discuss the Olympics and G20 Police State, and the lessons the existing occupation can take from what happened.

However, it doesn’t mean that I’m not busy. I recently received 500 pages of G20 Threat Assessments, and while I have a group of these that overlap with what is present in the first batch of the G20 Papers Project, a lot of this doesn’t. I do plan on coordinating the release better than in the past, but first I have to work on the physical task of digitizing these, since the CSIS ATIP analyst told me they couldn’t put these on a CD-ROM. I decided not to argue, because I had a hell of a time getting a hold of CSIS ATIP, but the scanning will take me quite a while.