The South Coast British Columbia Transit Authority - AKA: Translink

I sent four requests to Translink asking for information on the following:

  • All information regarding the new Compass SmartCard and FareGate improvements, including technical information regarding its implementation, as well as any consultations regarding protection of transit rider's privacy</li>
  • All information regarding the current retention policies of SkyTrain CCTV recordings from the last two years</li>
  • All information regarding plans to upgrade existing CCTV infrastructure, limited to the last two years</li>
  • All information regarding the installation of Cellular Telecommunications Equipment inside all underground portions of the Canada Line, including information on who operates the equipment and policies about whether or not that equipment is disabled in an emergency</li> </ul> There are four requests, the two about the CCTV network in the Skytrain are currently being processed. 2011/143 needs to be narrowed down, and 2011/146 needs a timeline. I'm surprised that the return address of Translink was blacked out when I got this letter back from them. Hopefully I'll get answers to the disturbing questions about the Translink RFID, although I'm sure that BCFIPA is also working on this as well. I'd go talk to them if I knew who to talk to, or could afford their dinners or classes. :P