Enough Occupy, more ATIP: Updates on FILES

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After I got the list of documents pertaining to the Olympics from the CBSA, I requested files on the Case 1613-2010-C0089 Anti 2010 Olympics Convergence Feb 9. They denied the whole thing, and sent me a letter with this nifty pumpkin graphic on the front. I guess I can’t be too pissed off at them right now, since they did let me back into Canada, and didn’t put me in a back room and stick hands up my ass.

That being said, I’m still pissed off at them for using the border to silence dissent, and for using 16(1)(c). I personally call bullshit on this, since there are no investigations into any activists who were involved in the Anti-Olympic Convergence anymore, and they could redact the source of the information.

I have to get off my ass and write another cheque to CSIS to get 178 pages of documents. The last cheque still hasn’t been cashed, and I think that I’ll probably abandon this one until my last cheque clears, since I don’t like writing cheques larger than $5 and having them sit around forever. I’m tempted to file a complaint with the Information Commissioner about this, as well as to the responses about the form letter responses to my requests for information on the Chaos Computer Club, Spartacus Books and the People’s Co-Op Bookstore.

I also got a letter indicating that there will be an extension of 30 days for the Rapidscan Theft request from CBSA. I’m getting extension letters from CSIS and DND about their involvement in the WikiLeaks Task Force headed by DFAIT. DND is extending theirs by 120 days because other government departments are being consulted, and CSIS is extending theirs by 180 days, so we won’t see the results of that until 2012 at the earliest.

In short, I’m doing what I do best, which may be boring since nobody seems to read it before doing things, but this information being released does cause the Government to worry, which is good enough for me right now.