Response to Macdonald Stainsby's "Don't fuck this up" comment

Someone posted Macdonald Stainsby’s Facebook Comment on Vancouver Media Coop, and I actually read it and agreed with it in principle</a>. Here’s what I wrote in response: In the past week, I’ve managed to gather more enemies through Twitter than I’ve done through years of actually doing stuff people don’t like in Vancouver. I’ve been called an infiltrator, an agent provacateur, and a violent individual. I’d find it all very funny if I didn’t consider it COINTELPRO tactics, and I have no record of breaking anything, or attacking anyone over the past few years. Unlike other people, I publish my records online.

I’m going to publicly say that I agree with Macdonald Stainsby about not fucking this up, and I’m going to explain why, and I’m going to name people who I fucking loathe while I do it.

I’ve outed people for being ex-CF using things that they wrote on their own blog</a>, and have been one of the dissenting voices against the organisation of OccupyVancouver. They’ve practised poor security culture, and I’ve exploited it to prove my point when it was clear that the people organising this were not listening. This came dangerously close to snitch-jacketing, and I think that this was wrong, and I apologise for that.

In short, I was expecting a LOT more from the local Anonymous group, and I was disappointed when Anonymous failed to deliver. I expected Anonymous to come in and tell people how to protect themselves from incriminating themselves online, and I was expecting people to not incriminate themselves, and to be responsible enough to not get arrested for advocating something the state will say is illegal.

The fact is that these people are new. They don’t know who took Olympic money, and they don’t care. They don’t know which people were informants, or which people denounced wihch group, and the fallout from that. They could easily go through Media Coop and see every post where people attack each other, but that would be wasted energy. There’s people in the community that I totally despise and who despise me, but now isn’t the time or the place to settle old scores, as much as I’d like to.

OccupyVancouver, despite the unfortunate name does have the ability to actually change shit for the better, assuming that people can have radical activists work alongside liberals and leftists just this once! I’m not asking people to give up their grudges, and I know that I won’t, but to at least put it aside. If there’s one thing that we can deal with AFTER WE SUCCEED, it will be to settle the score with all the motherfuckers who fucked with us prior that were still part of the 99%. It is very likely that we can avoid those people some of the time if this action is as big as people believe it will be.

That being said, people shouldn’t expect everyone to be friendly either. Keep your guard up, and expect to be attacked from the outside and the inside, and to expect every tactic the state has against the movement. Also, people should respect the basis of unity, and the commitment to Non-Violence, even though Violence does need a definition all to itself. </em>