Wow, I was right!

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This is why everyone who has ever done any real activist work in this city is rescinding their support for OccupyVancouver, and why OccupyVancouver is going to fail. There’s one thing to practice poor security culture, and then there’s another thing to invite the VPD to your meeting. In short, by siding with the Vancouver Police, OccupyVancouver is siding with the 1% against the 99% that they claim to represent.

The VPD, like any other police force is the enemy of the average person, by working with the VPD, not only will this demonstration have zero effectiveness, it will actually be the opposite and only seek to further entrench the status quo. I honestly don’t know if these people are purposely trying to fuck up their movement, or if they’re just really dumb.

In short, Vancouver once again took a concept that had some redeemable qualities and fucked it right up! I guess this should have been expected, since any sort of action that’s not explicitly Anti-Capitalist/Anarchist tends to be completely lame, but I think that OccupyVancouver’s actions online raised a lot of people’s hopes only to dash them.

That being said, I’ll try to watch from the sidelines if I don’t get arrested. It’s possible that once this thing happens, the people tell both the Organizers of OccupyVancouver and the VPD to go fuck themselves.

UPDATE:</strong> A few people have attended the meeting and stated that this wasn’t brought up. Of course, nobody who actually was concerned about being targeted by the VPD dared to show up since getting harassed even more by them with home visits is the last thing we need. It’s telling that nobody brought up the fact that someone at OccupyVancouver invited the police to the meeting, and that nobody asked for the police to identify themselves (they wouldn’t). Everyone should assume that undercover cops are on them whenever they are at any public gathering, no matter how small.