Why I don't support OccupyVancouver? - It's a TRAP

OccupyWallSt</a> is a very interesting phenomena. I can’t say that it’s effective, or that it has accomplished anything so far as far as its goals. In fact, I don’t even know what the goals of OccupyWallSt are, since they haven’t been able to clearly articulate them. All the literature seems to be Crimethinc means Libertarian Ranting. We can agree that corporatism as it is today is bad, and that it needs to stop. I just don’t think that occupying anywhere but Wall St. is going to be effective.

What bother me about OccupyVancouver in particular is the fact that people aren’t learning from the mistakes of the past. People are still organizing protests via Facebook, which uses REAL FUCKING NAMES! Since we know that the RCMP uses Facebook to gather evidence on activists, and then runs these names against CPIC, PRIME, JUSTIN and other databases to profile and conduct physical surveillance on activists, it makes no fucking sense to say you’re attending OccupyVancouver or any of the planning meetings.

Combined with the fact that OccupyVancouver is using W2MediaCafe to plan their actions, a known supporter of Gentrification of the DTES, and an organization that took Olympic money for their Cultural Olympiad exhibit, it’s almost like OccupyVancouver is trying to get full profiles and dossiers on all of the participants and are probably investigating the ability to round up all the organizers prior to the event if they consider it a real threat.

Of course, it won’t be, because it’s at the FUCKING ART GALLERY! The same Art Gallery where almost every protest happens, as well as the gathering place of every single Vancouver Critical Mass. The only people who will be pissed off by a bunch of people occupying the Art Gallery is going to be the City who would rightly like to have the fucking grass not be killed by people like it was during the Olympics.

It really bugs me when people disregard everything that was learned during the Olympics about organizing against the state. Those were hard-won lessons that people should remember, but instead it seems that like lambs to the slaughter people are repeating the same mistakes. It’s not like Anonymous is doing this, since none of these people are anonymous. This also makes me extremely skeptical about this event, and whether it is actually thought out or just a “Me too” exercise.